Project 001: Street Traffic Light

LevelStars 10

Components Required


Dive into the world of embedded projects with a classic: the traffic light system. This project guides you in designing a three-colored traffic light system using a microcontroller paired with a basic circuit setup.

Sequence of Operation
  1. Green Light: 10 seconds
  2. Solid Yellow Light: 3 seconds
  3. Blinking Yellow Light: 2 seconds (Blinks every 500ms)
  4. Red Light: Holds for 15 seconds

Did You Know? Traffic lights, dating back to their first installation in London in 1868, represent one of the foundational robotic systems impacting society. The three-colored pattern we recognize today was first seen in 1920.

TrafficeLights GYR


Utilize the following diagrams to set up the LEDs with the microcontroller.

Sch LEDRYG    LED Symbol Polarity
Figure 1: Schematic Diagram for Traffic Light

Sch TrafficeLight 01
Figure 2: Connect the LEDs on the Breadboard

TCrossroad Traffic Light System

For a complete simulation, construct two traffic lights:

  • North-South Direction
  • East-West Direction

Each light will follow the sequence:

  • Green for 10 seconds
  • Solid Yellow for 3 seconds
  • Blinking Yellow for 2 seconds (500ms interval)
  • Both directions turn red for a brief 1-second pause, after which the cycle switches to the other direction.

TrafficeLights 2GYR

Pin configurations

DevicePort.Pin Signal TypeModuleDirectionDrive Mode